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Hi ! Welcome Here !

Tamil Medium? Please don’t worry! We will do it!     I Conduct Spoken English and IELTS preparation classes in Velachery, Chennai. I Conduct Soft skill course too

I conduct 1) Spoken English course, 2) Crash courses related to English communication, 3) Coaching for IELTS/TOEFL 4) Soft skills course. If you are looking for English communication / Spoken English classes, please continue reading.If you are looking for IELTS / TOEFL coaching / Soft skills course / Personality development course, please click here I provide 2 hours free training program also.  If you are viewing this page from a mobile device, please click on the ‘Menu’ link at the top.

Spoken English

More information on Spoken English and becoming an expert.


Test of English as a Foreign Language services are available here.


Be prepared for your IELTS exam. Take advantage of our free practice tests.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills enhance your prospects of getting hired.

Personality Development

Personality development, Leadership quality and Career growth.

Crash Course

I provide crash courses related to English communication.

About Spoken English course :

My Assurance

Learn to speak and write in mistake free English in a month!

I provide

  • 1 month course on spoken English which includes email writing (for students who know basics of English language).
  • 45 days course with the same syllabus (for students who have to learn from the basics).

Course Fee :

  • Rs 4000 for 1 month course.
  • Rs 5000 for 45 days course, two installments. Syllabus is the same for both courses.

Please read the course syllabus, which is very important. Then click the menu options and read other pages also.

Aim : To impart conversational skills to the candidate
Structure of a sentence, structure of a question, noun, verb, auxiliary verb, present tense, past tense, future tense, framing sentences, framing questions, continuous tense, perfect tense
Result : You will be able to speak sentences without mistakes and ask questions without mistakes.

Conversational practice, (10 Conversations) example you will act as the shop keeper and I will act as the customer. You will act as the bus conductor and I will act as a passenger, in simple English. I will correct the mistakes made by you.
10 Conversations only by you where you will act as both parties.. I will help and correct you
Result : You get fluency

Grammar – Direct to indirect speech, active and passive voice.
Newspaper reading. You will read the news and explain me in English. I will coordinate and correct you.
Story telling. I will give you the outline. You have to write and tell a story for the idea with dialogue.
Result : You gain more fluency and become confident. This is the base for stage Presentation skill.

Solving IT question papers, aptitude tests, Computer aided learning, Group discussions. General short essays, Interview Preparation for freshers.
Training in email communication
Training in report writing.
Stage presentation practice.
Result : You become fluent in English and confident. As a rule it is 50 Classes. But it may extend upon the student’s level. No. extra fees.


You need two things to learn English. First you need to learn grammar. Then you have to practice. In our classes, we follow the combination 30% grammar and 70% Practice!


Grammar is the base. When you speak in a well defined way (grammatically), anybody can understand it clearly. When we speak without grammar, other may not get its right meaning..
The basic for all these, lies in “telling clearly what you want to tell”

English communication has two parts
1. Speaking sentences (also known as answers),
2. Asking questions
Example for a sentence is “I like chocolates” Example for a question is “ What is your name?” If you understand the rules and if you can form one sentence without mistake, you can speak for an hour. Most of you know English basics.
Most of My students tell me that they could understand clearly when others speak, but they could not speak because there is no practice!
Suppose you friend tells you, “I am going to T.Nagar”, you reply “OK”
If your friend tells “T.Nagar” today I am going”, you feel that he is not speaking correctly. This means you know something in spoken English, but you do not know how to form a sentence.
English language has a set of rules and syntax for proper communication. In my classes, I will explain you the rules first. Then I will guide you to practice the rules. You can see that children of small age group speak English. That is spoken. When they need to write letters, they need to know grammar.As said earlier, learning English is grammar and practice


1.Reading story books. If you read more, you can speak better. In our classes, we have story reading time.
2.If you have friends who speak English, you will also speak. In our Classes, we have 20 minutes speaking practice time EVERY DAY!

I conduct regular (classroom) Classes and Online Classes. My formula is 30% grammar and 70% speaking / reading / writing / listening practice.
I have 22 years of experience in training candidates in English communication. I conduct classes in a step by step interactive method, giving importance to speaking PRACTICE.
I have trained Software Engineers, BPO employees and Bank employees in English communication. I am doing corporate training programs on English communication.
If you are from Tamil medium and are afraid to speak in English, Please don’t worry! I can make you speak in English without fear. That’s why I offer sample classes. You can attend your sample class. You can sit and observe how I conduct a Class too.
For your reference, I give a few challenges my students have faced so far. I have corrected their difficulties and now they are speaking in good English

Challenge – 1

Sweating while trying to speak in English (and fear). The solution was making them laugh, encouraging them to speak formatted sentences and conversations, introducing translation technique, telling them case studies of similar candidates who got good positions later.

Challenge – 2

speaking with mistakes (often). Then solution was asking them to slow down, encouraging them to relax, think and speak slowly. Reviewing parts of grammar in which they made mistakes (tense confusion)

Challenge – 3

The candidate knows grammar.He is able to understand English when others speak but unable to speak by him self.The solution was training them how to frame a sentence and a question. Starting with forming very simple two word sentences like “ I go”.Then expanding to “I go to a movie”.Upon progress, further expansion “ I go to a movie today”

Challenge – 4

The candidate speaks a sentence in English and jumps to Tamil immediately.The solution was letting him speak like that initially.Helping him with the translation of what he said in Tamil an asking him to talk two sentences fully in English.Moving to three sentences form

Challenge – 5

The candidate is good in grammar. He knows how to form a sentence / question but unable to speak for a minute continuously. The solution was to teach the technique of keeping points while speaking, training him to blow up ideas into sentences Rectifying any grammar confusion.


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