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16/01/2018   Your speaking/writing skills depend upon your reading and listening habits. I am sure. Mala meets  her English Teacher. English Teacher: Hi girl! Mala: Please have a look at my scores in the latest English examination. You have awarded […]
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Perfect tense explaned in a simple way. Present perfect tense- an action completed just now. Example “I have sent a mail”. Past perfect tense – An action completed sometime ago Example “I had written to the editor of a newspaper […]
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24/10/17 In my view, English communication has  four steps. Step 1: Grammar Grammar is the base, on which our entire communication is built. When only we know grammar, we can speak in such a way that everybody understands our communication […]
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What is the difference between the auxiliary verbs “will” and “would”? “Will” indicates an action not started till now. It is for simple future tense “I will buy a basket this evening”  means, I have not bought it. It will […]
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 13/08/17 After the verb… We learn by making mistakes. One of my students wrote this. “Myself and my brother went to the beach yesterday. I spent my brother for Rs 1000.” After reading that, I was laughing. I called the […]
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