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The costly wrist watch



Your speaking/writing skills depend upon your reading and listening habits. I am sure.

Mala meets  her English Teacher.

English Teacher: Hi girl!

Mala: Please have a look at my scores in the latest English examination. You have awarded me less.

The Teacher smiles.

English Teacher: Does this mean that I hate you?

Mala: No no! I assume you would have evaluated my answer sheet in a hurry. If you could consider it again,I hope for a better score. I have CAREFULLY compared my answer sheet with the text book and I have brought some inputs. There are 3 spelling mistakes and 5 grammar mistakes. I accept those.

English Teacher: I am supposed to reduce your scores for every mistake. It is my duty. Isn’t it? Anyhow, let me re consider it. I am also a human being, not a grammar machine or a walking dictionary .  Please go ahead! What else?

Mala: You have awarded me 2 points out of 5  for the letter writing part. I have mentioned, “Date, place, from, to, subject, salutation, body of the letter..there.”

English Teacher: What was the question?

Mala:  “Write a letter to your Uncle thanking him for gifting you  a set of pens.”

English Teacher: Please read the ‘subject’ part of the letter written by you.

Mala: Subject: Thanks for gifting me a COSTLY WRIST WATCH….eek! I think I have made a small mistake in the ‘subject’ part of the letter.

English Teacher: I was irritated when I evaluated this section of the letter written by you.

I thought, ” I have asked the student to write a letter to his/her uncle, for gifting a SET OF PENS . But Mala has written a letter to her uncle, thanking him for gifting a costly wrist watch. This means that she hasn’t taken care to read the question and understand it in its real sense“.

I awarded 2 points for the sections before the ‘subject’ section, neglected the rest of the letter and proceeded to evaluate the next answer.  You have secured less points by not understanding the question. If you need further explanation ,I will be happy to meet the Principal and get your answer sheet evaluated by her again.

Mala: Oh my God! means…,”Oh my God! I thank you for the best gift that you have showered upon me. The gift is my English Teacher. ”  I am already late to the classes.

Mala runs away



Reading /listening sessions = Incoming information.

Speaking/writing sessions = Outgoing information.

If you want to write, please read till you gain confidence. After being accepted for your writing skills, please read MORE, to update your levels of communication

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