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New Creative writing/Story writing classes and routine crash courses

 Something Special for you!

For those who aspire to become Bloggers or Story writers, I have a new course!

16/01/2018 .

This “Creative writing” course includes

1) Updating your English grammar and  story reading

2) Improving your speaking and writing skills

3) Enhancing your skills of narration , Sentence expansion methods-

4) Introduction to and practicing imagination skills – Content development

5) Content development through a plan

6) Drafting a theme given by me

7) Proofing your draft

8) Finishing your first creative piece

9) 5 Assignments and evaluation

10) Indian and International copyright laws applicable to creative writing

The duration of the course and fee may vary depending upon your level of knowledge in English language

General fee is Rs 4000 and duration 40 hours. I will assist you for your first 10 blog posts/as per your requirement

Study material – I provide relevant books written by established Authors. If you opt for Kindle books, your fee will be reduced.

Other crash courses

1) Email writing course – Duration 20 hours, fee Rs 2500

2) Report writing course – Duration 30 hours, fee Rs 2500

3) Stage presentation skills course – Duration 30 hours, fee Rs 2500

If you need further explanation, please

Call – 8608324418

Mail to – mutukumar@spokenenglishvelachery.com


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