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Q& A . Perfect tense explained in a simple way

Perfect tense explaned in a simple way.
Present perfect tense- an action completed just now. Example “I have sent a mail”.
Past perfect tense – An action completed sometime ago
Example “I had written to the editor of a newspaper six months ago”
Future perfect tense- An action that will be completed in future- ” I will have sent the mail tomorrow”
A combination of these.
Kumar calls kishore. Kishore attends the call.
Kishore: Hello!
Kumar: Hello Kishore! How are you?
Kishore: Why didn’t you call me yesterday?
Kumar: Please check the call log of your mobile. I HAD CALLED you yesterday. You didn’t attend the call. Now I HAVE CALLED you. If you wouldn’t have attended this call too, I WILL HAVE MET you tomorrow.

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